Standalone-Music – HEXA 1 + 2 (SERUM PRESETS)

HEXA Vol.1 – Inspired by the revolutionary Don Diablo label “Hexagon”, this set of presets perfectly captures the essence and freshness of the sounds you can hear in all these major future house releases.

We listened to a ton of tracks and spent countless hours analyzing sounds until we got 60 presets that not only perfectly capture all these sounds, but also provide some fresh presets that you’ve never heard before.

HEXA Vol.2 – After HEXA Vol. 1, this package offers you 60 new future house presets for XFer Serum, inspired by Hexagon.
Our sound engineers did everything possible by analyzing the tracks of such musicians as Don Diablo, Zonderling, Madison Mars, understanding the secrets of their sound design, and then applying these secrets for the development of HEXA Vol. 2.

This sound bank is equipped with many new basses, leads, plucks, vocoder leads, we even recorded piano samples that we placed in the Serum noise generator, all this to give you the perfect tool for creating your next future house clash!
And if this is not enough for you, you can also use these presets as a learning tool, redesigning what our experienced sound designers did, and understand the basics and secrets of the magic of future house sounds.

HEXA Volume 1

• 61 x (.Synthesizer Presets) For (Xfer Records Serum)
• 25 x (Leads) Sounds
• 19 x (Basses) Sounds
• 07 x (Plucks) Sounds
• 05 x (Chords) Sounds
• 02 x (Arps ) Sounds
• 02 x (Pianos) Sounds
• 01 x (Pad) Sound

HEXA Volume 2

• 61 x (.Synthesizer Presets) For (Xfer Records Serum)
• 23 x (Leads) Sounds
• 16 x (Basses) Sounds
• 08 x (Plucks) Sounds
• 06 x (Chords) Sounds
• 03 x (Arps) Sounds
• 03 x (FXs) Sounds
• 02 x (Pads) Sounds

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